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01. Where I have worked

Software Engineer & Consultant @ The NextGen GmbH

2021 - Today

  • Driving change in multiple projects as a Midlancer
  • Helping companies transform their industry by developing next level software applications
  • Consulting companies regarding cloud environments and architecture

Frontend Developer @ rola Security Solutions GmbH

June 2020 - 2021

  • Accompanying the transformation of a Java Swing client to an Angular enterprise web application.
  • Conception, creation, implementation and testing of component systems, which can be used in different domains.
  • Active in the national security customer environment (police, Bundeswehr and co.).

Full Stack Developer @ medienpark GmbH

September 2015 - June 2020

  • Development of webshops with an in-house solution based on the Symfony PHP framework
  • Merchandise management system connections, Google 360 solutions, payment providers (Klarna, PayPal, Santander, Computop)
  • Logistics system with route planning, customer management and invoice management
  • Always with a keen eye for the frontend

Web Developer @ desire-solution GmbH

March 2014 - November 2014

  • Design and development of websites from different industries
  • Implementation of Photshop and Sketch designs in HTML & CSS
  • Development of JavaScript scripts for web page functions

Web Developer @ Unodesign GmbH

sporadic in 2011

  • My first steps as an intern. I have always been interested in development and agency work, which is why I started at the age of 13 to gain first practical experience and to learn from people who knew and could do more than me.
  • My tasks here were the implementation of HTML, CSS and JS websites as well as smaller PHP scripts.

Development & Support @ Nice Teamspeak Server


  • This was where it all started and I developed my interest for developing applications.
  • Development of web interfaces.
  • Implementation of automated systems for server management.
  • Supporting customers that ordered Teamspeak servers from us.

02. Featured projects

An image showing the Software Cafe podcast website on

Featured Project

Software Café

At the end of last year I have started my own tech podcast called Software Café. The podcast is in German, but also has a few English episodes. This podcast is dedicated to all the developers and tech enthusiasts out there.

  • Podcast
  • Technology
  • Audio
An image showing the Poco website, a German furniture store

Featured Project


Poco is a German furniture brand that sells qualitative furniture for a reasonable price. I have worked on several parts on the frontend and backend part.

  • Symfony
  • Bootstrap
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Elasticsearch
An image showing the website, an Austrian furniture store

Featured Project

Leiner is an Austrian based furniture store which focuses on the upper price segment of furniture. I have worked on the Design, search optimization with Elasticsearch, implementing Google 360 and the whole checkout process.

  • Symfony
  • VueJS
  • Payment Gateways
  • Elasticsearch

03. Other things I have worked on

OwlCarousel 2

For over two years I maintained the OwlCarousel2 a jQuery Slider Plugin. After two years of supporting it I decided with the colleague I was maintaining it with that it was time to deprecate the OwlCarousel as other Frameworks became more and more prominent.

  • jQuery
  • Open Source
  • jQuery Plugin
  • Slider

React Notion Blocks

The official Notion API is currently in beta status. There are many great repositories supporting the unoffical API but my goal with this project is to provide unstyled React components for the currently officially available Notion blocks, that then can be styled via CSS.

  • React
  • Open Source
  • Notion
  • API

Angular Tabbable Instances

A common request I received from clients was to be able to maintain different tab states of the same module. Therefore I build a reusable component that utilizes NgRX internally to maintain the state.

  • Angular
  • NgRX
  • State Management

04. Get in touch with me

Although I'm currently not look for any new opportunities, my inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi. I'll try me best to get back to you!

Say hi!