Get to work


What I haven't done

Two days ago I started my documenting my fastlane journey on this blog ([Building fastlane wealth, as a slowlane success]. To be fair, not too much work happened since then. I'm still doing the freelance project, that I spent most of my days time on, besides I worked on learning more Spanish and went outside climbing. In a private reflection I wrote yesterday that this kind of lifestyle that I'm currently living isn't really productive if you wanna do actual great work. Maybe it's just me or my personality, but I feel like I need to be in a certain environment to be able to do great work.

So I haven't gotten to work.

What I have done

I was always having this voice and attention in my background, trying to find and grasp problems that are worth pursuing. I think I found a few. I'm not sure if they are worth pursuing, but they sound great to me. Just to list a few:

  1. Problem: Finding problems and things to solve Possible solution: A website that gives you ideas scraped from websites like Quora, TFF and other websites.

  2. Problem: Having a great idea, but no clue how to get to action, and actually knowing it's a great fastlane business idea. Possible solution: use GPT with custom prompting to turn your idea into an action plan, validating it against the CENTS framework.

  3. Problem: Having ChatGPT stop or not completely give you the full implementation of a method Possible solution: Someone should build a chrome extension that parses the output and if it did not complete the whole method, request it automatically from GPT.

Are any of these viable? I don't know. Would I have fun working on them? Definitely, but that's not a warrant for success.

I want to build stuff on the internet. I want to have a name for building cool and fun stuff on, and become a successful. When I write this down I notice that I'm violating another rule.

Fuck this ego thing. How can I serve other people?