my work

On a mission to build products and help other developers with technical articles and my life experiences, and along the way, have a bunch of fun. Here's a summary of my work so far.


I started my journey as a freelancer mid of 2023 fulltime. With this journey came other life changes. I moved to Spain, started to become more interested in writing and the entrepreneurial world.

  • In 2023/06, started my freelancer journey.
  • End of 2023, decided to leave Germany next year.
  • Beginning of 2024, moved to Spain, living in a camper van.

Now I do help my clients build reliable, fast software utilizing powerful, established tools like PostgresSQL, React, Next.js, TypeScript and most importantly Rust. I do write about challenges that occur in my day to day on my blog.


Senior Software Engineer, 2021 — 2023

Throughout my two years, I was able to work on some hard problems: decoupling a decade old monolith into microservices, working with a federated GraphQL API, learning and occasionally managing a Kubernetes cluster, building and implementing a design system, incrementally migrating individual components and routes to a new framework and infrastructure, and more.

rola Security Solutions GmbH

Software Engineer, 2020 — 2021

rola Security Solutions GmbH is a cybersecurity company that provides solutions to protect against cyber threats, case management systems and other tooling for the government. During my time there I was working with a team of 5 developers on a complete rewrite of the company's main product. I was responsible for the frontend utilizing Angular and Java in the backend.

medienpark GmbH

Full-Stack Web Developer, 2016 — 2020

My first job as a developer was at medienpark GmbH, a digital agency near my hometown. One of the best ways to learn, is to learn on the job. Working in an agency is not the best paid job, but it allowed me to learn a lot, touch a lot of projects and learn a lot when it comes to developing software.